When it comes to finding effective services for TV fitting London has plenty of options open to you – but what are you looking for from the service?

At Indigo Electrical, we provide the most comprehensive TV fitting service that you could possibly need. We know what makes a TV look good and stand out in a room, so if you aren’t sure where to start we are more than happy to help out.

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With a huge information database about TV types and TV wall brackets, we can ensure that your new TV is fitted as quickly and as effectively as possible. We know what makes a new TV fitting to the wall safe and secure, and will make sure that every box is ticked so that you can move the TV and re-position it in a new direction without ever having to worry about it coming down from the wall.

Having a quality TV set that you can use with freedom is always a nice thing to have, and we’ll make sure that you can have full freedom and control over how you watch your TV. If you have a great idea for making the TV the focal point of the room then we can help you do that, or we can offer you advice and assistance in putting the TV in the best possible location to maximize its effect.

Whatever you need, we can help out – just contact us here for further fitting advice!