Electric heating is becoming increasingly popular in homes and offices across the country. There are numerous benefits of Electrical heating; low maintenance, cheap running costs, safety and energy efficiency; just to mention a few…

At Indigo Electrical we specialise in Installing, maintaining, servicing and repairing all types of electrical heating, some of which we have listed below:

Storage Heaters (Economy 7) – Storage Heaters heat their internal clay bricks at night, when electricity is at its cheapest, and disperses its heat the following day, when needed

Panel Heaters – Panel Heaters combine high performance with stylish looks. They can produce heat instantly at the touch of a button.

Underfloor Heating – Electric Underfloor Heating achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort. Works with most flooring material and is normally thermostatically controlled.

Immersion Heaters – An immersion heater is an element that can be found in your hot water tank (cylinder).

Electric Fire –Electric Fires are often placed in conventional fireplaces, which can then no longer be used for conventional fires. They plug into the wall, and can run on a “flame only” setting, or can be used as a heater

Electric Radiators – Electric Radiators are similar to Panel heaters and provide heat in form of conduction and radiation.

Towel rails – Electric Heated Towel Rails come in many different shapes and sizes. Great for secondary heat.

Quantum – Quantum Electric Heating is a new technology. Similar to Storage heaters by using off peak electricity, it stores this energy during periods of low demand, turning it into cheap, efficient heat when needed.

Is your storage heater no longer working?

Relax- No need to spend huge amounts on replacing it – We can simply repair it at a very low cost.

We are equipped with not just the experience and knowledge, but we also have access to alls parts. We can even get our hands on some parts that are now obsolete!

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