Need an extra plug socket?….. Or, maybe you’d like to change that dated, ugly light fitting you have in the kitchen?… Indigo Electrical does it all!

With access to pretty much every brand available, and at wholesale prices….you can’t go wrong!


It’s happened to us all… We attempt to plug in a new electrical appliance within our home and there is no socket to plug it in to. Having multiple plug socket adapters is not advised as this can increase the risk of fires. In order to solve this problem you would require an additional socket to be installed.

Whether you would like us to add a new socket or just change the front faceplate of your sockets to a funky modern design; Indigo Electrical can help you.


If you would like to add or change the lighting in your home, or reduce your electricity consumption by fitting energy saving bulbs, we are able to supply and install a huge range of light fittings and bulbs from fluorescents to LED’s. Examples are listed below:

Feature Lighting

By adding some feature lighting to your home, you could instantly turn it into a more relaxing and pleasing environment. You may think about redecorating your home, but have you thought about feature lighting?… Simply adding a new light fitting can highlight key characters that are already there. There are many types of creative light fittings on the market that can be used within your home.

Security Lighting

Security lighting can act as a great deterrent for trespassers and thieves. By having your security lights turn on automatically when someone walks nearby can be enough to scare them away or make them think twice.

Garden Lighting

Many of us make great use of our gardens these days, sometimes turning them into a beautiful, peaceful haven. Adding spacious decking, coloured stones and water fountains can dramatically improve your gardens look. But, to really add that ‘Wow’ factor, garden lights must be considered.

Emergency Lighting

If you have a business and employ staff, or if you’re a landlord of a HMO property (House in Multiple Occupation) then you have a duty of care and responsibility. Our emergency light service helps ensure that in the event of an emergency or power failure, escape from the building is not hindered by the lack of emergency lighting.

Our highly professional Emergency Lighting Installation team can install and maintain all types of emergency lighting systems. From a simple self contained emergency exit light to a fully addressable system, we provide a high standard of work, complying with both BS5266 and BS7671:2008 requirements.

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