Information technology has become a part of our everyday life and the integration of telephone systems with data on local area networks is becoming increasingly commonplace.

If your data cabling infrastructure is not properly installed, your investment in servers, PCs and software is wasted and your organisation/business suffers. The life expectancy of your cabling infrastructure is far greater than any hardware connected to it. A network that is well designed and properly installed is the only way to protect your investment in communications.

Indigo Electrical have many years of cabling experience and offers a complete range of network and telephone cabling installation services. So if you require a completely new network cabling infrastructure, or you would just like to move your telephone point at home, our expert engineers can help.

Our installation services include the installation of data racks, wall mounted communication cabinets, cable containment, patch panels and patch leads. Our engineers are fully trained, experienced and equipped with the latest equipment to carry out the data / telephone cabling installation works you require.

We specialise in :-

  • Cat5 and Cat5e cabling
  • Cat6 and Cat6a cabling
  • Cat7 Cabling
  • Home telephone wiring / cabling
  • Telephone Cabling / CW1308 Twisted Pair

We can provide you with a FREE, no obligation quotation. If you require a free survey then please contact our office by phone or through the contact us page.