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At Indigo Electrical, we provide a range of general electric services that can be used to augment your properties performance and safety. Electrical management is something that you should never take for granted, and we make sure that you have no reason to.

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With a diligent and detailed approach to electrical management, we make caring for your property as easy as possible. With years of experience we know what to look out for and what has to change. Performance and safety that meets all regulations is without a doubt our primary aim. We use a hand-selected team of electrical specialists who you can trust to get the job done regardless of how hard it may appear.

If you are in need of an electrician in Theydon Bois, then, you can rely upon us. From testing and inspecting, to new builds that need electrical installations, we can get involved as and when you need us to deliver a simple and steady solution that just works.

An electrical device can be made to be far more efficient and cost you much less over the course of the year. So if getting energy prices down and making your energy usage more efficient is the primary aim, then contact us today.

Rather than trying to install unregulated and unlicensed electrical fittings yourself, make life easier and safer by turning to our dedicated electricians in Theydon Bois. Regardless of the challenge, we’ll find an active solution!

Thanks to our work and our commitment, we can deliver everything that you need in both indoor and outdoor electrics. From cooker and shower points to new sockets and light fittings, we’ll make it super easy for you to get the kind of changes that you want implemented with ease.