In the past, a bathroom fan was mainly seen as a functional item that needed to provide good indoor air ventilation at the right price. However, recent research shows that many of us would happily pay more for silent ventilation in our bathrooms to provide a more relaxing environment.

Households are fed up of noisy bathroom fans and the irritation caused by the continuous drone of an outdated bathroom fan. Indeed, some are so distracted by the noise that they turn off their extract fans altogether, potentially leading to damage to the fabric of their property, and the twin blights of mould growth and poor air quality. This is a high price to pay for peace and quiet but with the average extract fan operating at 35-40 decibels, which is loud in a confined space, the noise can prove too much.

Past research by Vent-Axia, well-known Extractor Fan manufacturer, confirmed that loud extractor fans are a major source of nuisance noise in homes, with 40% of people surveyed reporting they or their children have been woken in the night by a noisy bathroom fan. However, a survey commissioned by Vent-Axia last year revealed something unexpected – a staggering 80% of consumers would be happy to pay an extra £30 to £50 on top of the price of a standard fan to achieve a relaxing bathroom.

And it’s not just the noise that’s an issue. A recent BEAMA study by Prism & Waverton Analytic shows that as more homes are becoming ever more insulated and airtight, a large number of homes are experiencing, or are at risk of aggravated health problems due to poor indoor air quality. Evidence shows that if care is not taken to ensure adequate levels of ventilation, in line with Part F of the Building Regulations, then high levels of humidity can lead to a growth in dust mite populations, condensation and mould, resulting in health and comfort issues.

So with ventilation essential to health and comfort in the home, consumer demand for silent products has led to manufacturers investing in continually improving bathroom extractor fan acoustics. One such example is Vent-Axia’s innovative Silent Fan. With this particular range, the manufacturer boasts the lowest sound rating on the market for an intermittent bathroom fan, operating at just 16db – 75% quieter than a standard intermittent bathroom extractor fans. Their latest fan now offers consumers visual silence as well as acoustic silence – both important factors for today’s consumers.

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