Danler’s heater boost switch has been designed to work with immersion heaters, electric towel rails, garden pation heaters and other suitable electric heating loads. It is also compatible with lighting loads.

This switch automatically turns the load ‘off’ after a selected time period has elapsed. There are four different time settings to choose from and by simply pressing the button on the front you can select each time lag choice in turn.

Ideal for use in homes, hotels, rented accommodation, student accommodation etc. Bespoke versions are available on request, with different time lag settings, colours, graphics on plate etc.


Selectable time lag: 1/4 hr, 1/2 hr, 1hr & 2hrs.

Loading: Up to 13amps (3000w) of resistive load, 6amps (1500w) of transformer load.

Dimension: 86mm x 86mm x 12mm. Wall box depth 25mm